2023 Artistic Advisory Board Seeking Members

Hey Playhouse People! The Artistic Advisory Board is gearing up to set the 2023 season. We are seeking anyone in our community who is willing to read play submissions, look over budgets, and decide what will work best for the Playhouse next year.

We’ll start reading plays as soon as July 15 and hopefully have the last plays in by August 15. We may want to meet a couple of times over the submission process to pass plays around. The main meeting for directors to present their shows will happen sometime the first week of September if we can keep the schedule. If you’re interested, message Community Players of Hobbs on Facebook, email communityplayersofhobbs@gmail.com, contact any board member or contact Christie Harkness directly (575-408-2132, call or text)

 Heads up directors! We need your submissions sooner rather than later. Forms should be up by July 15. Submissions will be accepted through August 15. The Artistic Advisory board meeting will be some time the first week of September. We’re asking for up to 3 plays with the recognition that submitting more than 1 play increases your chance at fitting the season.

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