2020 Season

The 2020 Season! Our 83rd Year!

Arsenic & Old Lace, directed by Laura Brewster, February 7-16th

The Best of Everything, directed by Marirene Vigil, March 27-28, April 3-5

Aida, directed by Doug Levy, May 22-31

Aladdin, Jr. (YPAW), July 16-19

Beyond the Horizon, directed by Ashley and Jonathan Bertschinger, September 4-13

The Hunt (11th Annual Haunted House), directed by Nathan Gibbs and Kevin Combs, October 22-24, 30-31

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the award goes to...

(Due to several requests, the slide presentation (in multiple formats, and for the 2009 Gala through the 2012 Gala) can be found on Dropbox (click the link).  Multiple formats, including JPG images of the slides for some seasons.  Enjoy!)

We had a great gala last night, lots of fun remembering our 75th season!  Thank you to the Western Heritage Museum for hosting the event again this year!

We also had several individuals (and corporate sponsors) receive some well deserved awards:

Unsung Hero Awards

"Fiddler on the Roof" - Nathan Miles (Director)
Erin Miller-Gibbs, Erin Anderson, Juston Harlin

"Faith County" - Samantha Collins (Director)
Artie Jenkins, Juston Harlin

"Urinetown - The Musical" - Juston Harlin (Director)
Shoshana Howell, Carey Cleer-Lindner

"Aladdin, Jr." - Sandy Goad/Ronnie Gray (Director/Music Director)
Frank Rose, Steven Telles

"Oil's Well That Ends Well" - Glynese Floyd (Director)
Chad Collins, Samantha Mason

"Marooned on Pirate Isle" (Haunted House) - Juston Harlin (Director)
Matt Baird, Josh Berner

"Line" - Jonathan Bertschinger (Director)
Veronikka Sylvas, Shoshana Howell

"A Christmas Carol" - Nathan Miles (Director)
Carey Cleer-Lindner, Sandy Goad, Jeremy Small

Newcomer Award
Samantha Mason
Jeremy Small

Outstanding Individual Award
Carey Cleer-Lindner
Nathan Miles

Outstanding Corporate Sponsor
JFC Construction

Carl Busch Scholarship
Erin Miller-Gibbs
Jonathan Howell

Lifetime Achievment
Glynese Floyd

Tom Mason Award
Don Williams

Congratulations to all those who received awards, and to the entire Playhouse family for an incredible 75th season!