2020 Season

The 2021 Season! Our 84th Year!

Mama Won’t Fly By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten Directed by Sandy Goad
March 19-28

The Community Players of Hobbs Production of Elton John & Tim Rice's
directed by Douglas Levy
May 14-23

The Community Players of Hobbs Youth Performing Arts Workshop Production of Disney's
Aladdin, Jr.
July 15-18

The Hunt (11th Annual Haunted House), directed by Nathan Gibbs and Kevin Combs
October 21-23, 29-31

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge

By Mark Brown Directed by Christie Harkness

December 16-19

*All dates subject to change, some performances may be presented online if required, please check back often for the most current information*

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2011 Youth Performing Arts Workshop

The 2011 Performing Arts Camp presents:

Friday, May 13, 2011

A message from the "Disney cruise director", AKA Daniel Russell

Hello Playhouse campers!

Several things so let's go....

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Beauty and the Beast has been cast and tickets are on sale NOW. For tickets, visit the Center for the Arts, 122 W. Broadway (LCCA) from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tues-Fri and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sat. You purchase your tickets right then and there when you decide what seat(s) and what night you want to attend. Tickets are $15 each. Bring your camera to the show and you can have your picture taken with the characters after the show! Show dates are June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 at 8 p.m. and June 5 and 12 at 2 p.m.
The show is coming along nicely with several Playhouse veterans such as Jesse Miller as the Beast and Josh Berner as Gaston. There are also lots of new faces, including Carrisa Lewis as Belle. The script is Disney's and follows the movie story line and familiar songs.
Make reservations today and bring a friend! You won't be disappointed.

VOLUNTEERS: We will need additional folks to help volunteer with running the house and other small items. Many of our typical volunteers are in the show so this is a great chance for others to step forward. Please contact me.

CLEANUP DAY: Several of us — hopefully — will be at the Playhouse at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 14, to do some general cleanup, painting and sprucing up. This is a mini-work day to take care of some general things outside the Beauty set. ie, the front railings need to be painted, trash removal, tree trimming, etc. Please show up if you can.

WILLY WONKA: The summer youth camp/workshop is Willy Wonka. Signups are happening now. You can find a the sign up sheet at LCCA's Center for the Arts and on the websites, www.communityplayersofhobbs.com or www.lcca.us.
The six week theater workshop is Monday through Thursday for about three hours a day plus several days to put on the junior musical Willy Wonka. Students learn about all aspects of theater and everyone gets a part and/or a chance to be on stage or work behind the scenes. Willy Wonka is the classic tale and follows many of the themes and characters found in the movie.
Scholarships are available for a limited number of students as well and the directors are Sandy Goad and Ronnie Gray.
If you know of someone between 9-18, tell them to sign up and enjoy this incredible theater experience. They won't be disappointed. Just ask anyone you participated in past years.

BUILDING EXPANSION: The board of directors met last week in an emergency meeting to review a potential building expansion. I called the meeting of the board members plus Larry Harlin at the last minute as we needed to discuss the possibility and costs of adding a large room onto the backside of the building to give us additional space. The expansion would include a new educational/green room, men's and women's dressing rooms, men's and women's bathrooms, and workshop. While we have not broken ground on it yet, it is getting much closer as we are in discussions and planning stages with a contractor. At some point, it may require many volunteers to come to together to help finish off the project in a good ol' fashion barn raising type day.
The expansion is an offshoot of the study we had completed last year. The modification from the plan is due to costs recommended by the consultant as well as the board's feelings we need to only bite off as much as we handle (ie do things in phases). I'll get out more information as things finalize, etc.

Also at this emergency board meeting, the board agreed to sell Beauty and Beast tickets ahead of time at LCCA's Center of the Arts. This collaboration is new for both entities so we hope it works well. The idea is to give audiences a chance to purchase their tickets and pick their seats before the actual show night. In the past, of course, people would only have to leave a message on the Playhouse's answering machine. This will not be the case for Beauty so please help spread the word for people to visit LCCA's Center for the Arts for their tickets.

Ticket prices were also discussed. The board agreed to set ticket prices at $15 each for Beauty. As you know, musical are expensive to produce and royalties are high. This is especially true for Beauty, with Disney obviously wanting to get paid for us to use their script. Costumes are also critical for Beauty and we will be renting costumes (again expansive) to help put on a quality show. All this requires more money and we need to make sure the show can pay for itself. As an added bonus, however, we will have cast members stay after the show in costume to take pictures with audiences members. We hope this is a great experience for those Beauty and the Beast fans who can't wait to their picture taken with Belle, the Beast, the duster, etc.

• MAY 17: Summer Robinson's theater students will be putting on a show on May 17. The Hobbs High School drama class is having a performance, “EAGLES LIVE,” in room 203 at 7:30 p.m. at the Hobbs High School on Tuesday, May 17. Tickets are $3. Advanced theater students will be performing dances they choreographed, monologues they wrote or memorized and skits they directed.
• ARTS CAMPS: LCCA will also have several one week arts camps for students. Signups are going on now at Center for the Arts.

Finally, let me thanks once again all our corporate sponsors and Playbill advertisers. Again, without them, we absolutely could not exist. And thank you to those who volunteer. Giving of your time is valuable gift, so thank you.

Your "Disney cruise director" president,

Daniel Russell
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Tickets

We are changing some things up with Beauty and the Beast tickets. Phone reservations will NOT be taken. Tickets will be sold prior to the show and you must pay for and pick them up in person at the time of the reservation. Here's the main information:

- Ticket sales begin May 13, 2011

- Tickets will be sold at the Lea County Center for the Arts
-122 West Broadway
-Tues - Fri 11am-5pm and Sat 10am-5pm

- $15 All Seats
-Cash or check only

- Bring your camera for pictures with the characters after the show!
-No flash photography during the show

- Show times:
June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 at 8pm
June 5, 12 at 2pm

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Calling all Oscar hopefuls...a MOVIE opportunity!

Playhouse folks!

CJ Mackey grew up in Hobbs, who now lives in Las Vegas, Nev., is seeking to shoot a short film and is looking for actors, extras, techies, etc. Anyone who wants to get involved. Below is what he is looking for and his contact info. I also have a copy of the script if you want to read it. CJ has been a model in Las Vegas, been in a few independent films and has a small role in CSI Las Vegas.

Your Playhouse president,

Daniel Russell
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FROM MR. Mackey:

Looking for actors and help with film crew to shoot a short independent film in Hobbs, NM in June 2011. This is a 10 min. short film called "CROOKED". Auditions will be held late May, 2011. This will be a 2 to 3 day shoot, including rehearsals. This film will be going to various film festivals in NV, NM, TX.

If interested, send a clear headshot and/or contact information to cj@cjmackey.com or 702-245-9481.

GENRE: Action



MID 20'S TO 30'S

MID 20'S TO 30'S

AlSO LOOKING FOR DOZENS OF EXTRAS AND ANYONE WILLING TO HELP OUT WITH CREW (especially anyone with experience with sound, lighting.) Please contact Cj. by
cj@cjmackey.com or 702-245-9481 for any questions or more information.